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 About Us 

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about us

The Revel Puck Circus is a circus company, we create fresh circus for a new audience.


Founded in East London, We are a young and dynamic company who are striving to do and to see circus differently.


Our work is based on the principle that to create work of universal appeal does not mean a sacrifice of artistic integrity or dramaturgical depth. It is possible to make work that is both poignant and joyful, that can resonate deeply whilst bringing joy and laughter to the faces of all.

We are incredibly passionate about ensuring that what we do is of real benefit to local communities. From our creative output of exceptional circus that is accessible to people of all ages from all backgrounds to our community engagement programmes.

We make circus.

For everyone, from everywhere.

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Our Mission 

Our mission is to revolutionise our sector and to redefine public perception of circus. Our big top is our home and with it we land in the heart of communities far and wide, inviting them into our world and having the privilege to be a part of theirs.


Collaboration and community are the heart of what we do, from decision-making, getting creative and performing. We hold individuals' voices with respect and diligence. The diversity of the voices in our company and collaborative approach is what makes us, us. 


We work in partnership with local authorities, private developers, and regional theatres to bring our fully autonomous venue to sites and spaces outside of traditional performance settings to activate an area and community through vibrant live performances and local partnerships.

Our Mission

Our Mentors:

nofitstate Circus Logo

No Fit State Circus is the UK's leading Large Scale contemporary circus company and have supported and mentored Revel Puck Circus alongside the 'Another Route' fellowship. In spring 2023, Revel Puck Circus had a 2 week residency and presented 3 showings of thE Wing Scuffle Spectacular as part of the No Fit State Circus Village. 


Our ethos 


Anti-idealism. Reject the spectacular body and embrace the body that does spectacular things.


For and of everyone. The work is as much defined by who it is made for, as who it is made by.


Create a logic. Have and know and understand the reason for the work. Without comprehension there is no conviction.


Do it yourself. Define the work for ourselves. Carve our own path. Reject the stuffy gate keepers, put the work on in front of their gates.

Set Precedent

We set our own guidelines. Strive to go above and beyond in our positive impact on our environment, our company, our audience, and our partners.


A heart. Create, love and perform together. Never forget the history and don’t be scared of the future.

Our Ethos

Funders and previous partners

We collaborate with Local Authorities, regional venues, festivals and more. ​

If you'd like to collaborate, get in touch.

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Our Ethos
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