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£2 Ticket Initiative

We are committed to offering 10% of our tickets at £2, to reduce the financial barrier to great arts & culture.

We are a not-for-profit contemporary circus company based in Newham, East London. We are incredibly passionate about ensuring that what we do is of real benefit to local communities and that our exceptional circus is accessible to people of all ages, from all backgrounds. 


We are aware that the most prominent barriers to accessing the arts are geographical and financial. We tour in temporary structures such as Big Tops as they allow us to land in the heart of communities, often underserved by cultural institutions. Financial barriers however, are much harder to overcome. 


For us to put on a Big Top show, it takes a team of 20 people on tour, with further support of three external staff, plus temporary staff brought in for the build and break periods. The team is made up of artists, producers, technicians, cooks, crew members and drivers, all working tirelessly to offer the best experience possible to you, our audiences and participants. 


It’s expensive, keeping a circus on the road. We apply for grant funding and ask for support from our touring partners and we are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from funders. However, this year external support makes up approximately 20% of our turnover, meaning 80% has to come from ticket sales, bar and concessions and merchandise. 


Because of this, our highest ticket now sits at £24 + a £1.15 booking fee, so £25.15 in total. We’ve worked really hard to try and keep this price as low as possible (the average UK theatre ticket in 2023 was £35.20 + booking fee - see The Stage’s ticket survey)  We are acutely aware of how exclusionary this price point might be for many people in the communities we wish to serve. 


For this reason, we have committed 10% of our tickets at £2 for low-income families to tackle the barriers in access to the arts. We have introduced these discounted tickets to welcome more people into the tent who might not typically have regular access to the performative arts or theatrical spaces. We want to welcome people from all corners of our local communities into the tent when we bring our work into a locality, and hope that this new £2 ticket scheme can help us fill the tent with realistic cross-sections of the community. 


We have been working with local organisations and community groups to distribute these tickets directly to people who will benefit from them, but once they are gone, they are gone. You can find the dates/times of our shows here. If you think that you or people that you know would benefit from these discounted tickets, then please reach out to who can give you more information and help you book some in.


We run a no-questions-asked policy. This means that we will never ask for formal proof to 

declare that any individuals qualify or do not qualify for the discounted tickets. We trust in good faith of our audiences to purchase the tickets which feel most appropriate for them. 


We make circus. For everyone, from everywhere.
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